More Westies from our family members

What a harmonizing song they sing. Can't you just hear them now?
The two on the right are Three C's "Minie Pearl" and "Madison". Thanks to Rob Tejada in Chicago for sharing them with us.
"Madison" and "Minie Pearl" again, living the good life.

Keep going.....

"Casper" spends a lot of time on the golf course with his "dad" Leo Vogtman. Casper is the son of "Three C's Chattanooga Cho-Cho".
Lets go back-packing with Jodie and Sally.
Catherine Murray sends a photo of "Spencer" playing on the patio..

Scrolling along.....

Rebecca Davis in Mississippi sends a photo of "Dixie" when she was a puppy having to go to the hair dresser just to be beautiful.
Here's a photo of Dixie a year and a half later relaxing and having a good time thinking about a trip back to Tennessee.
Dixie came back to Three C's and visited with "Timmie McGraw". Sometime, a litter later, "Harley" shown here was born to "Dixie'and decided to stay with his Momma.


Shortly after ariving home, "Lily" is all dressed up for a party. She's about twelve weeks in this photo.
Here "Lily" once again with her mom, Lani Detamore. She is around six months old in this photo taken in Alabama.
Ugggh! Bath day again! Here's "Sundance", his mom, Jahna Parnell in San Diego wanted you to see how much fun he's having..

A few more puppies...

Westie triple coat going to his new home in a few days in Jacksonville FL. The Edward Rothem family will welcome him into their home and in a very short time, he will rule.
Litter of baby Westie puppies one week old. Two are hard coats and two are triple coats...At this age it's difficult to tell what coat type they will have. It takes about three weeks before the coat texture is revealed.
Another triple coat girl that is growing up at Three C's and turning into a fine looking young lady. The "Cisco Kid" is her father.

That's all for now....

Be sure to check back often we will
have more of those beautiful Westie photos.

By the way, just recently released is our Westie grooming manual. 
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