About Our Three C Family

Our kennel business was formed as a family affair for the love of the Terrier breed of dogs.

The name Three C was chosen for those involved with forming the enterprise. Charles, Carolyn and Charlsie, our daughter, became the namesake "Three C Kennel.”

Charles worked full time as a plant manager and took an active part of the business. He often said, "We were not smart enough to raise short haired dogs. We raise the ones that require constant maintenance and grooming." After retiring, he wrote several books on grooming and practices grooming for the public.

Our daughter Charlsie went on to earn her doctorate degree. She is now a professor of psychology teaching in a college in southern Georgia.

Carolyn is the heart of the business. She began raising Scotties in the mid 1970's. Through good business persuasion, she was able to introduce herself to a number of top-notch breeders around the country and negotiate the purchase of the finest breed stock available.

Adopting the motto "Selective Breeding from Champion Bloodlines" became the cornerstone of Three C Kennel philosophy. We feel that we have lived up to that standard for 25 years and counting.