Scottish Terriers


The Scottish Terrier breed originated in Scotland several centuries ago. But it was not until the middle of the 19th century, in England and Scotland, where they were developed to have the look they have today. This breed was first given the name Aberdeen Terrier, after the Scottish town. They were bred to ferret out small game such as foxes.

Appearance: The Scottish Terrier is small in size with their body, neck, and back all being well muscled. Their legs are short. Their height ranges from 10 to 11 inches, and their weight ranges from 19 to 23 lb., females being the smaller of the two. Their eyes are small in size, almond shaped, set wide apart and the color ranges from a dark wheaten to nearly black.

Their ears are thick and stand erect. They have a medium length tail that they carry straight or slightly curved. Their coat has a wiry and hard outer coat, with a soft undercoat. Colors varying from; black, iron gray or steel gray, brindle, wheaten, or sandy.

Temperament: The Scottish Terrier is full of character. They are very intelligent, affectionate and lovable, but are known to be stubborn and moody and will snap at people if provoked, so early obedience and socialization training is recommended. They are very protective of their family and homes, making good watch dogs and family pets.

At Three C's, we try very hard to raise the best of the breed and give the puppy the amount of socialization a Scottie needs for you to get you a puppy with a great temperament.

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